Workspaces Module

The workspaces plugin defines a workspace area for other plugins. The workspace is intended to link together all the data objects that an application manages for a given user or group of users. A workspace is a possible mechanism to provide and implement multi-tenancy in a web application. By using the workspace plugin, application data from different customers can be kept separate from each other in the same database.


The workspaces module provides several events that are posted when some action are performed.


This event is posted when an invitation is created for a user. The event can be used to send the associated invitation email to the invitee. The event contains the following attributes:

key email name message inviter


This event is posted when an invitation is accepted by a user.

Ada Beans


Name Description
workspace This bean allows to perform some general workspace actions
memberList The list of workspace members.
inviteUser The invitation bean.
workspaceMember The workspace member bean.


Name Entity type Description
workspace-create awa_workspace Permission to create a workspace.
workspace-invite-user awa_workspace Permission to invite a user in the workspace.
workspace-delete-user awa_workspace Permission to delete a user from the workspace.
workspaces-create awa_workspace


Name Description

Data Model