Settings Module

The Settings module provides management of application and user settings. A setting is identified by a unique name in the application. It is saved in the database and associated with a user.

Getting a user setting

Getting a user setting is as simple as calling a function with the setting name and the default value. If the setting was modified by the user and saved in the database, the saved value will be returned. Otherwise, the default value is returned. For example, if an application defines a row-per-page setting to define how many rows are defined in a list, the user setting can be retrieved with:

Row_Per_Page : constant Integer := AWA.Settings.Get_User_Setting ("row-per-page", 10);

Saving a user setting

When a user changes the setting value, we just have to save it in the database. The setting value will either be updated if it exists or created.

AWA.Settings.Set_User_Setting ("row-per-page", 20);


The Setting_Module manages the application and user settings. An instance of the the Setting_Module must be declared and registered in the AWA application. The module instance can be defined as follows:

type Application is new AWA.Applications.Application with record
   Setting_Module : aliased AWA.Settings.Modules.Setting_Module;
end record;

And registered in the Initialize_Modules procedure by using:

Register (App    => App.Self.all'Access,
          Name   => AWA.Settings.Modules.NAME,
          URI    => "settings",
          Module => App.Setting_Module'Access);

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